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Shell Rimula R3 10W CF fusto da 209L View larger

Shell Rimula R3 10W CF drum 209L

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Shell Rimula R3 10W (CF)
Extra Performance Monograde

Monograde Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils
Shell Rimula R3 Energised Protection oils feature proven lubricant chemistry that adapts to your driving needs to
provide extra protection whatever the demands of your engine or equipment. Featuring an active-detergent system to
keep pistons and other engine parts clean, it provides protection against wear for long engine life and protection
against deposits for efficient engine performance.

Performance, Features & Benefits
Equipment manufacturer acceptance
Shell Rimula R3 monogrades are approved for use in a variety of engine application by leading OEMs.

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High standard of piston cleanliness
The high thermal stability and oil oxidation resistance provide a high standard of piston cleanliness.

Low engine wear and long component life
Overall engine cleanliness contributes to low engine wear,
long component life, maintenance of power output, more
operational stability and lower servicing costs.

Main Applications
Dedicated diesel engine oil performance
Shell Rimula R3 monogrades have been formulated to provide
robust engine performance in a variety of off-highway
applications or older on-highway diesel vehicles.

Construction industry application
Engine oil technology is sometimes specified for use in
transmission and hydraulic applications. Shell Rimula R3
monogrades offer premium performance and protection for
these applications.

Stationary equipment
Shell Rimula R3 monogrades are suitable for certain stationary
equipment, such as pumps, that run continuously under steady
state conditions.

Detroit Diesel two-stroke engines
Shell Rimula R3 oils should not be used in Detroit Diesel two-
stroke engines. An SAE 40 oil meeting the API CF-II
Specification and having a sulphated ash content of less than
1% should be used.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations